Community-Based Approaches


Empty Homes has a major new project to spread community-based regeneration in areas with high levels of empty homes. We are following demonstration projects where community-based organisations are bringing empty homes into use. We want to understand what works, as well as the challenges they face. We want to share their experiences to encourage other organisations and areas to look at how community-based regeneration could work in their neighbourhoods.


Building the case for investment

Our project is also about building the case for a new Government investment programme targeted at areas with high levels of empty homes, to support community-based neighbourhood improvement approaches that refurbish empty properties and tackle the underlying causes of the high levels of empty homes in those areas, as well as the wider issues communities face.



In our view the high level of empty homes and poor standard of housing in these areas is just as much part of the housing crisis as the extreme affordability gap in high value areas. This project is about showing that the problems that exist in these areas can be effectively tackled through approaches which recognise why properties remain empty in these neighbourhoods.


We have produced our first project newsletter which introduces the demonstration projects and shares some early learning.




Building the case for communities

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Brighid Carey    Project Manager






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