Government data shows around 200,000 properties in England have been standing empty for more than six months



The latest Government data on vacant dwellings shows about 200,000 long-term (over six months) empty homes. The Government data is derived from local authority Council Taxbase data, which is a snapshot of the position in October each year.


To view the data please go to table 615 vacant dwellings at:


We advise reading the notes that come with the data before using the statistics.


In the summer we will publish a new edition of Empty homes in England analysing this latest Government data. Please note the edition of Empty homes in England you can find currently on our website is based on the snapshot local authorities took of empty homes in October 2015, whereas the latest Government data is based on the snapshot they took in October 2016. With the latest data now published we are in the process of analysing it and that will be reflected in our forthcoming edition of Empty homes in England.



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