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The Empty Homes charity does not receive any ongoing funding from central or local government and is totally reliant upon the generosity of its funders to further its work.


Our special thanks go to the following organisations and foundations for their current support:




Guide to volunteering with Empty Homes


Empty Homes is a campaigning charity dedicated to the problem of the country’s empty homes and ways to get them back into use for those in need of housing. We have always welcomed volunteers who are willing to give up some of their own time to help us.




The sorts of activities that volunteers can get involved in do vary from time to time as they depend on what is going on and what we are working on.


Currently we are looking for volunteers with technical expertise in research methodologies, or general administrative skills. Our main concern is to match the particular skills and interests of volunteers with the tasks that need doing at the time.




Volunteers will normally be based in our offices in Farringdon London EC1 as part of our small team.


For volunteers who join us, we provide an allowance for daily travel costs and lunch.


We normally expect volunteers to be with us for two days a week for at least three months, but we are happy to discuss other possibilities.


Many volunteers have found that their time with us has helped them in their search for paid employment. We are careful to ensure volunteers do not carry out the normal work of Empty Homes and we encourage volunteers to get the most from the experience.


We hold informal interviews for volunteers as we want to make sure that we take people on who are suited to the tasks that we need help with and demonstrate a real commitment to our work. It also gives people the chance to meet us and ask any questions before committing to volunteering.


If you are interested


Please set out in your email why you want to volunteer for us and any particular areas of interest or experience that you think might be relevant. We will then get in contact with you to discuss possibilities.


If you would like to know more, then please email your CV to:




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